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The Interviews: Kyle and Candy

Updated: May 28, 2020

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Sunday 14th June

“Come on, Arty,” Hazel instructed the little dog, “time to see the telly star”.

Hazel really wasn’t sure how she would cope with meeting Kyle Rockfort; she had been a huge fan of High Octane since the beginning and was devastated when she heard that his character had been written out. A sudden, unexpected shooting with no real send-off just felt wrong for such a major character and the star of the show.

“So, Mr Rockfort …”

“Call me Kyle, please.”

Her heart fluttered a little.

“I understand you are here with your new girlfriend.”

“I’m sure you already know that. Its been all over the front pages, plus there’s that video doing the rounds…”

“Well, yes, of course … but, you know, I’ve not seen it, so…,” she stammered, trying to sound genuine. However, the sudden flush to her face revealed her deceit.

“I understand that you spoke to Amelia Marshall early yesterday evening, suggesting that a member of hotel staff had planted a camera in your room. Sylvia Marshall tells me that you then went to the reception and demanded to speak to Amelia again; she was outside and came in to speak to you.”

“That’s right,” he replied. Kyle had been furious that Amelia had said there was nothing she could do, and even more so at her suggestion to speak to his girlfriend about the matter.

“Mr Rockfort, I put it to you that you killed Amelia Marshall. You were incensed at her refusal to do anything, and you were positive that a member of Les Liens staff, or even Amelia herself, put that camera there. The whole world knows about your temper tantrums - did this one go just a bit too far?”

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Candy Kane threw her head back and laughed.

“It really isn’t funny, Miss Kane. Amelia Marshall is dead.”

“I know! But why do you think I would know anything about it? I’ve never even met her!”

Artemis was looking like he desperately needed to go outside and relieve his bladder (gin often had that effect on him), but Hazel decided that if Arty went there and then, she wouldn’t really mind as Candy was not a pleasant person.

“You are a skilled performer, Miss Kane. You pretend to be an airhead, and I do think your intellect is as low as it can be, but I think you are a skilled manipulator.”

“How dare you?!”

“You don’t care about Kyle; he’s just a ticket to raise your profile. You see, I wouldn’t be surprised if you planted that camera on the wardrobe, at just the right angle…”

“How do you know it was just the right angle?”

“I was told, by a friend. You transmitted the video and got it circulating on the internet. Any publicity is good publicity, as they say.”

Candy was secretly impressed with Hazel’s detective skills. Artemis was not so impressed; why could this human not see that he needed to go outside urgently? He jumped up on to a chair and escaped through the open window.

“Arty! Non!” screamed Hazel, knocking into a coffee table as she bounded over to the window. Artemis looked up at her, raised his eyebrow, and cocked his leg up the nearest lavender bush. “Artemis! Restà la!” she told him.

“You were saying, Miss Durette?”

"You’ll take any opportunity to increase your profile; leaking Kyle’s location, filming the two of you ‘in the act’, maybe creating another news story to be involved in, like, oh, let’s say, a murder …”

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'Episode Six: Sniffing for clues' will follow soon!

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