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The Interviews: Pierre and Victor

Updated: May 28, 2020

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Sunday 14th June

Hazel Durette had finally managed to pin Pierre Laurent down for a little chat. He had hidden himself away on the golf course for most of the day, trying to avoid her.

Even though it was Pierre who had called her in, she felt it only right that he should face some questions too, especially in light of the allegations of financial misconduct that had surfaced during her investigations today. More than one person, including his daughter, had told her how angry he was with Amelia on Friday morning, and Sylvia had shown her compelling evidence of an attempt at bribing the local mayor.

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It had not been easy to get to Victor Brassard. Hazel had tried calling his office, his home, his children but he was proving elusive.

It was Artemis who had eventually found him, golf club in one hand, cigar in the other.

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. He may be Monsieur le Maire, but he was not going to escape Hazel's inquisition. After much persuasion, mainly by Arty's insistent barking at him, Victor Brassard reluctantly agreed to answering a few questions.

"So, Monsieur le Maire, I've been hearing a lot today about a bribe that you were given by Pierre. Did you kill Amelia because you think she leaked it to the press?", probed Hazel.

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